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The following is a description of the functions where possible of the applications unique to 3DS Development Units. Descriptions Derived from SDK revision 37901

3ds dev apps.jpg

Dev Menu

This application on the top screen displays the current firmware and revision, the free space available on the TWL (not sure what this is) and on the SD card if present. It also provides information on the current file or device selected, as well as navigation instructions for the bottom screen.The bottom screen has three different windows, which are:

  • Programs- From this window, applications can be loaded from the nand and the slot 1 card. This is shown in the format of "'unique id' '(name of application if stored on nand or device type if loaded from slot 1)'.
  • Import- From this window, applications (compiled to be installed) in the format of a .CIA file(see File Formats) can be installed to the nand from an SD card.
  • ExtData- From this window, the 3DS's ExtData can be deleted

(Note that retail 3ds games are not recognized by Dev 3DSs and prints Unknown Card in the 'Programs' window and shows no details on top screen)

Top Screen Example: 3ds devmenutop.jpg

Bottom Screen Example: 3ds devmenulower.jpg


This application is a configuration menu for the 3DS, which has the following options:

3DS dev configmenu.JPG

  • Reset Settings - Resets all settings to default.
  • Hid Setting - (human interface device) Calibrates Touch-Pad and Analog stick.
  • Rtc Setting - (real time clock) Sets system time.
  • Lcd Setting - Sets display settings as found in the home menu as well as Flicker settings.
  • User Info Setting - Allows username change and "NG NAME FLAG" to be set to true or false.
  • Other Setting(branches off into other settings) -
  -Sound Mode- mono/stereo/surround
  -System Mode- Locked to "Prod" for unknown reason (it seems to be refering to memory allowance for 'prod' which is 64mb).
  -Exception handler- enable/disable 
  -Break Stop (?)- enable/disable 
  -Menu- (Home Menu/Test Menu) test menu similar to the menu shown in the "3ds stolen from factory video" 
  -Language- same as in system settings but also has an "invalid" option
  -Dlp Force Child Import- enable/disable (I am not sure what this does)
  -Debug Mode- enable/disable (I am not sure what this does)
  • Test Setting - Test calibration of touch pad and joystick
  • Eula Setting - Allows user to change "Agree Version" namely:"ff.ff" the two symbol sets are interchangeable with combination variations from aa to 99 (default is 00.00 where the Eula is not accepted yet).
  • Stereo Camera Cal for Check - Camera test (?) as options to "write strange data(excess Z-rot) and "reset to factory default".
  • Gyro / Accel Cal for Check - Allows Gyro and Accelerometer to be calibrated.
  • Ctr Info Setting - Changes settings to that found on the ctrsetting.txt on an SD .