8.1.0-0 New3DS

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This is the system-version that ships with launch-day JPN New_3DS systems. The TMD HTTP Last-modified date for these titles is September 26, 2014. Note that some of the below might not be completely accurate, since it's actually not possible to tell via checking CDN whether a New3DS title was added with this launch system-version or 9.0.0-20(except when there's two versions of that title).

Most of the system titles which are not New3DS specific, are from 8.1.0-18. When a New3DS version of a system-title is available, only the New3DS title is installed, the Old3DS version is not installed(system-modules for example).

New3DS System Titles

New3DS versions of the SAFE_MODE system-modules were added, the only New3DS SAFE_MODE system-modules which were not added are: camera, cecd, MP, and NDM.

Besides the 3 new modules below, New3DS versions of the following native system-modules were added: camera, GSP, i2c, MCU, PTM, and spi.

The following 3 new sysmodules were added(not available for SAFE_MODE):

  • NFC -- talking to NFC hardware (over I2C).
  • MVD
  • QTM -- camera headtracking? (over I2C).

5 new applications for New3DS-only were added. See here regarding the new applications. Besides those applications, New3DS versions of the following applications were added: "Health and Safety Information" and Face Raiders.

The New3DS versions of the following SAFE_MODE applets were added: ErrDisp, error, and swkbd(Software Keyboard).

A New3DS version of NVer was added. Therefore, there could be future New3DS-only system-updates. This launch system-version also includes a CVer title-version specific to this New3DS launch system-version.

Note that the New3DS Internet Browser is not available on this system-version(spider and SKATER titles are not installed), it was added with this. Trying to launch the browser results in the system going to the system-update section under System Settings.


New3DS versions of all 4 FIRM titles were added.

New3DS FIRM uses an additional crypto layer on the ARM9 FIRM section via a loader at the end of the ARM9 binary, see here.