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The ACT module handles NNID accounts.

ACT service "act:a"

ACT service "act:u"

Command Header Available since system-version Description
0x00010084 Initialize
0x000D0040 GenerateUuid
0x00020040 GetErrorCode
0x000600C2 GetAccountDataBlock

This is the service used by regular applications.

HTTPS Requests

With each request, ACT-sysmodule specifies request-header "X-Nintendo-Device-Model". This is the only *dedicated* request-header that's contains anything Old3DS/New3DS specific. This was implemented with 9.0.0-X, and presumably 8.1.0-0_New3DS. The value is from a string initialized during ACT-sysmodule startup. The value-string is the codename string for all 5 of the model values from Cfg:GetSystemModel. When the output from GetSystemModel is >=5(switch statement default case), it runs this: "len = snprintf(outstr, outmaxsize, "3DS-%u", model);"

Trusted Root CAs

ACT module uses a RootCertChain for all HTTPS requests, the only trusted root CA is default CertID 0x3.


Even though ACT-sysmodule uses ptm:s, it doesn't use CheckNew3DS at all.