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AC service "ac:u"

Command Header Description
0x00010000 CreateDefaultConfig
0x00040006 ConnectAsync
0x00050002 GetConnectResult
0x00070002 CancelConnectAsync
0x00080004 CloseAsync
0x00090002 GetCloseResult
0x000A0000 GetLastErrorCode
0x000C0000 ?
0x000D0000 GetWifiStatus
0x000E0042 GetCurrentAPInfo
0x000F0000 ?
0x00100042 GetCurrentNZoneInfo
0x00110042 GetNZoneApNumService
0x00120042 ?
0x00190004 ?
0x001A0002 ?
0x001D0042 ScanAPs System Settings uses this via ac:i, this is presumably accessible via ac:u too.
0x00240042 AddDenyApType
0x00260042 ?
0x00270002 GetInfraPriority
0x00280042 ?
0x002C0042 unknown..
0x002D0082 SetRequestEulaVersion
0x002F0004 ?
0x00300004 RegisterDisconnectEvent
0x003C0042 GetAPSSIDList
0x003D0042 ?
0x003E0042 IsConnected
0x003F0040 ?
0x00400042 SetClientVersion

AC service "ac:i"