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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00460182]
1-2 u64, TWL Title ID
3 Input size
4 NAND file offset
5 u8, Section type. See below.
6 u8, Operation. Must be 5 or 11.
7 (Size << 8) | 6
8 Input pointer


Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00460040]
1 Result code

Section types[edit]

Section type Allowed with operation type Written filename Normal filename
5 Both "" "public.sav"
6 Both "" "banner.sav"
7 11 "" "private.sav"


This writes the specified input plaintext buffer data to the specified TWL-NAND title raw ".new" file. The file which is written to in NAND depends on the section_type.

The ".new" files written by this are moved to the regular filenames by AMPXI:InstallTitlesFinish / other install-finish command(s).

When used with sections which the title doesn't actually use, this command returns 0, but after the DSiWare import is all finished the .sav/.new files for those sections don't exist under the NAND data/. The filesizes are also set to the sizes used by the title by the time the import is finished(trying to write larger savedata with this command doesn't change the final filesize in NAND).