The activity log is a stock application that comes with retail units. The application allows you to review various statistics about the step counter and your gaming habits.

The opening screen shows the total number of steps recorded as well as the total number of titles used.

The application is split into two sections, the daily records and the software library.

Daily RecordsEdit

The daily records have two submodes, graph view and list view.

Graph viewEdit

The daily records shows on a per hour basis how many steps you took and how much you played. You can group the data into larger time units, but the underlaying data is tracked per hour.

You can also see the most popular title for the given time period.

List viewEdit

The list view is mainly about play times. It lists each title that you have played during the time period and how long in total.

Software LibraryEdit

The software library tracks all the applications that you have used on the system. It has an upper limit of 112 applications.

The list shows the total time you have used an application, the number of times that you have launched it, when it was first launched and when it was last launched. It also calculates the mean usage time.


The charts submode allows you to sort the data using any of the previously mentioned statistics.