Anti Savegame Restore

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Anti Savegame Restore is a feature originally implemented in FS module with 4.0.0-7, which prevents the user from restoring previous versions of a savegame image(mainly for SD saves). This feature is not used for gamecard games. When an old version of the save is detected, the application will display an error regarding old savegame version, then delete+recreate the save(similar to when the savegame is corrupted).


Applications using this feature

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Pokemon X & Y

It's currently unknown whether there's any eShop-only titles that use this.

Applications which use this feature have had a Product Code of "CTR-x-Exxx", obviously the "E" in that part of the product code doesn't trigger this feature, but is most likely an internal reference for Nintendo for easy identification of such games.