CONFIG9 Registers

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? 0x10000000 1
? 0x10000001 1
? 0x10000004 4
REG_CARDCONF 0x1000000C 2
? 0x10000010 1
? 0x10000200 1
? 0x10010000 4
REG_UNITINFO 0x10010010 1


Bit Description
1-0 Gamecard active controller select (0=NTRCARD, 1=?, 2=CTRCARD1, 3=CTRCARD2)
8 ?

Depending on the gamecard controller that has been selected, one of the following gamecard registers will become active:

  • Selecting NTRCARD will activate the register space at 0x10164000.
  • Selecting CTRCARD1 will activate the register space at 0x10004000.
  • Selecting CTRCARD2 will activate the register space at 0x10005000.

0x10000000, Hidden bootrom off-switch

The ARM9 and ARM11 bootroms(+0x8000) are disabled by writing 1 to (u8*)0x10000000 and 1 to (u8*)0x10000001?(These two registers are written by the ARM9)

Writing values here(u8 0x10000000+0) sets the specified bitmask. Thus, writing value 0x2 when the register(u8 0x10000000+0) was previously set to value 0x1 changes the value to 0x3. During the NATIVE_FIRM ARM9 kernel startup, it will check if bitmask 0x2 in this register is set. If that bitmask is not set, the console-unique portions of the two console-unique TWL keyslots are then initialized. The kernel then writes value 0x2 to this register, regardless of the previous bitmask value(due to this, the console-unique TWL key-data init is only done at hard-boot).


Initially this is value zero. NATIVE_FIRM writes value 1 here when a FIRM launch begins. The LGY FIRM writes value 3 here when handling PXI command 0x00020080(first TWL PXI command), it also writes value 7 here when handling PXI command 0x00030080(first AGB PXI command). This register can be read to determine what "mode" the system is running under: hard-boot, FIRM launch, or TWL/AGB FIRM.


This 8-bit register is value zero for retail, non-zero for dev/debug units.