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Offset Size Description
0x0 0x80 SHA-256 hash-table, verified by CRR
0x80 0x04 Magic "CRO0"
0x84 0x2C ?
0xB0 0x04 Section0 offset
0xB4 0x04 Section0 size
0xB8 0x04 Section2 offset
0xBC 0x04 Section2 size
0xC0 0x04 Section1 offset
0xC4 0xBC ?

CRO with extension .cro is used for "DLLs". CRS with extension .crs can be used for storing "DLL" symbols as well. The end of the file is aligned to a 0x1000-byte boundary with 0xCC bytes. CRO0 files are usually stored under "romfs:/cro/".

The first hash-table entry hashes the 0x100-byte header following the hash-table. The following hash-table entries hash the sections specified in the header.

Section0 for CRO contains code, and CRO section1 contains symbols.