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Offset Size Description
0x0 0x80 SHA-256 hash-table, verified by CRR
0x80 0x04 Magic "CRO0"
0x84 0x04 Code size
0x88 0x08 Unknown
0x90 0x04 File size
0x94 0x1C Unknown
0xB0 0x04 Code offset
0xB4 0x04 Code size
0xB8 0x04 unk1 offset
0xBC 0x04 unk1 size
0xC0 0x04 Module Name offset
0xC4 0xBC Module Name size
0xC8 0x04 Segment Table offset
0xCC 0x04 Segment Table num (size = num*12)
0xD0 0x04 Export Table offset
0xD4 0x04 Export Table num (size = num * 8)
0xD8 0x04 unk3 offset
0xDC 0x04 unk3 num
0xE0 0x04 Export Strings offset
0xE4 0x04 Export Strings size
0xE8 0x04 Export Info offset
0xEC 0x04 Export Info num (size = num * 8)
0xF0 0x04 unk4 offset
0xF4 0x04 unk4 num
0xF8 0x04 unk5 offset
0xFC 0x04 unk5 num (size = num * 12)
0x100 0x04 Import Table 1 offset
0x104 0x04 Import Table 1 num (size = num * 4)
0x108 0x04 Import Table 2 offset
0x10C 0x04 Import Table 2 num (size = num * 4)
0x110 0x04 Import Table 3 offset
0x114 0x04 Import Table 3 num (size = num * 4)
0x118 0x04 Import Strings offset
0x11C 0x04 Import Strings size
0x120 0x04 unk8 offset
0x124 0x04 unk8 num
0x128 0x04 Import Info offset
0x12C 0x04 Import Info num (size = num * 12)
0x130 0x04 unk9 offset
0x134 0x04 unk9 num

Segment Table (12 bytes)

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Segment offset
0x4 0x4 Segment size
0x8 0x4 Segment id (0, 1, 2..)

Segment offset (4 bytes)

Bits Description
0-3 Segment index for table
4-31 Segment offset

CRO with extension .cro is used for "DLLs". CRS with extension .crs can be used for storing "DLL" symbols as well. The end of the file is aligned to a 0x1000-byte boundary with 0xCC bytes. CRO0 files are usually stored under "romfs:/cro/".

The first hash-table entry hashes the 0x100-byte header following the hash-table. The following hash-table entries hash the sections specified in the header.

When the RO module loads the entire CRO into process memory(mapped in the 0x00100000-0x04000000 region), it modifies the mapped CRO data. The magic field is also changed to "FIXD".

Upon loading, the RO module will look for symbol "__aeabi_atexit" or "nnroAeabiAtexit_".