CTRCARD Registers

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Old3DS Name Address Width Used by
Yes CTRCARD_CNT 0x10004000 4 Process9
Yes CTRCARD_BLKCNT 0x10004004 4 Process9
Yes CTRCARD_SECCNT 0x10004008 4 Process9
Yes CTRCARD_SECSEED 0x10004010 4 Process9
Yes CTRCARD_CMD 0x10004020 16 Process9
Yes CTRCARD_FIFO 0x10004030 4 Process9


Bit Description
3-0 ?
4 CRC status (1=Error, 0=OK)?
15-5 ?
19-16 Transfer size (0=0 bytes, 1=4 bytes, 2=0x10 bytes, 0x40, 0x200, 0x400, 0x800, 0x1000, 8=0x4000 bytes)
23-20 ?
26-24 Clock delay (0..5)
27 Data ready (1=Ready, 0=Busy)
28 Reset (1=High, 0=Low)
29 Transfer mode (1=Write, 0=Read)
30 Interrupt enable (1=Enable, 0=Disable)
31 Start (1=Busy, 0=Idle)


Once reset is set high, it cannot be changed until controller is reset.


Bit Description
15-0 Total data blocks to read from FIFO - 1
31-16 Total data blocks to write to FIFO - 1


Bit Description
2 Latch key index
9-8 Key index
15 Latch seed


Specifies the 16-byte command to send. The command is split into 32-bit words, and stored as least significant word first, with each word itself in big-endian format.