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Certificates contain cryptography information for verifying Signatures. These certificates are also signed. The parent/child relationship between certificates, makes all the certificates effectively signed by 'Root', the public key for which is stored in NATIVE_FIRM.

The signature method used to sign the certificate can be determined by checking the Signature Type:

Value Signature Method Signature Size (X)
0x010000 RSA_4096 SHA1 0x200
0x010001 RSA_2048 SHA1 0x100
0x010002 Elliptic Curve 0x40
0x010003 RSA_4096 SHA256 0x200
0x010004 RSA_2048 SHA256 0x100


Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Signature Type
0x4 X Signature
0x4 + X 0x3C Signature Padding
0x40 + X 0x40 Issuer
0x80 + X 0x4 Key Type?
0x84 + X 0x40 Name
0xC4 + X 0x4 Unknown
0xC8 + X Public Key

Public Key


This contains the Public Key(i.e. Modulus & Public Exponent). For RSA-2048 public keys, this section is as follows:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x100 Modulus
0x100 0x4 Public Exponent
0x104 0x34 Padding