EMMC Registers

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These registers are used to access the system NAND and the inserted SD card. Both devices use the same interface. HCLK of the SDMMC controller is 67.027964 MHz (double of the DSi HCLK).


Old3DS Name Address Width Used by
Yes EMMC_CMD 0x10006000 2 Boot9, NewKernel9Loader, Process9
Yes EMMC_PORTSEL 0x10006002 2 Port selection, 0 = SD card, 1 = NAND
Yes EMMC_CMDARG0 0x10006004 2
Yes EMMC_CMDARG1 0x10006006 2
Yes EMMC_STOP 0x10006008 2
Yes EMMC_BLKCOUNT 0x1000600a 2
Yes EMMC_RESP0-7 0x1000600c 2*8
Yes EMMC_STATUS0 0x1000601c 2
Yes EMMC_STATUS1 0x1000601e 2
Yes ? 0x10006020 2
Yes ? 0x10006022 2
Yes EMMC_CLKCTL 0x10006024 2
Yes EMMC_BLKLEN 0x10006026 2
Yes EMMC_OPT 0x10006028 2
Yes EMMC_FIFO 0x10006030 2
Yes EMMC_RESET 0x100060E0 2

The IO interface for SDMC/NAND seems to be very similar to the DSi; see libnds for sample code and documentation, and GBATEK for better documentation.

3DS SDMC/NAND IO registers are located at 0x10006000 and apparently mirrored at 0x10007000. It seems the 0x10007000 mirror is never used on retail units.


Bit Description
3 SD card removal flag (Set to 1 when SD card is removed)
4 SD card insertion flag (Set to 1 when SD card is inserted)
5 SD card insertion status (0 = missing, 1 = inserted)

SD card insertion status[edit]

Assertion happens around 250 ms after SD card insertion and/or enabling the EMMC hardware (delay could possibly be due to an SD bus timeout?).