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The Nintendo 3DS eShop was added in the June 2011 Update for JP/EUR/USA.

From here you can download Virtual Console games, 3D Classics, DSiware software, view screenshots and 3D trailers for upcoming 3DS titles.

eShop uses the following domains over HTTPS: and These domains are used by NIM:,, and

While eShop is loading, eShop will use command NIMS:CheckSysupdateAvailableSOAP. If a system update is available where title installation for system titles still needs finalized,(or when the updated titles were not downloaded at all) eShop will then display the "System update is available" message.

The eShop application uses command AMNet:FinishInstallToMedia to finalize the SD title install(if the whole title is downloaded while eShop is still running), however before using that command the eShop application also uses AMNet:FinishInstallToMedia to finalize installing all system titles(from system updates).

EShop QR Codes

Eshop QR Codes can be scanned with the camera, allowing one to quickly navigate to the desired eshop title with just two clicks. The QR Codes itself is a simple text/url QR, started with "ESHOP://" string followed by a eshop title link id and then some special data, delimited by a dot symbol, which can be ommited.

QR Code source Region Title Serial Title Id
ESHOP://50010000000201.PEAALL000000 EUR Nintendogs & Cats Demo ADA/B/C 0004000200030c01
ESHOP://50010000007870.PEAALL000000 EUR Crush 3D A??P 00040002
ESHOP://50010000008009.PEAALL000000 EUR Resident Evil Revelations Demo ABRE 000400020005ee01
ESHOP://50010000008123.J00101Z00095 JPN Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure Demo ARTJ 00040002
ESHOP://50010000008404.PEAALL000000 EUR Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Demo ACMP [1] 00040002
ESHOP://50010000008447.J00101Z00094 JPN Resident Evil Revelations Demo ABRJ 00040002
ESHOP://50010000008449.J00101Z00082 JPN Swapnote JFRJ
ESHOP://50010000008561 USA Swapnote JFRE 0004000000051700
ESHOP://50010000008647.J00101Z00096 JPN MGS Snake Eater 3D Demo AMGJ 0004000200048101
ESHOP://50010000008648.J00101Z00097 JPN Theatrythm Final Fantasy ATHJ
ESHOP://50010000008782.PEAALL000000 EUR MGS Snake Eater 3D Demo AMGE 0004000200082401
ESHOP://50010000008842.PEAALL000000 EUR Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure Demo ARTP [2] 00040002
ESHOP://50010000009084.J00101Z00121 JPN Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai Demo AM9J 00040002
ESHOP://50010000009102.J00101Z00106 JPN Denpa Ningen RPG JD8J
ESHOP://50010000009161.J00101Z00118 JPN Dillon's Rolling Western JAMJ 00040000
ESHOP://50010000009261 USA Dillon's Rolling Western JAME? 00040000
ESHOP://50010000009401.J00101Z00120 JPN Kingdom Hearts 3D Video Download JZ8J
ESHOP://50010000009403.J00101Z00119 JPN DQM 3D Video Download JZ7J
ESHOP://50010000009575.PEAALL000000 EUR Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (Virtual Console) ?
ESHOP://50010000009846 USA Ketzal's Corridors ?
  • New QR Code for Japanese "Photos with Super Mario" has a different code string: ESHOP://50010000013120.J00108Z00001.CD588EAE95A3A68D15C647DA2AC0945FD88F70AB8A31149E51C4B05FB927B0B8
  • There is a link in the Japanese eshop [] where you can replace the #### with the Japanese eShop title's serial and you will get its qrcode. (i.e. will get you the pushmo qr code)


The ExtData File System for eShop is as follows:

├── icon
├── boss
│  └── TIGER100.tmp
└── user
File Details Size FW Introduced Plaintext
icon Duplicate from Application ExeFS. Always image 00000002. 0x36c0 Bytes n/a Download_EUR
TIGER100.tmp Always image 00000003. 0xce47 Bytes (Varies?) 2.0.0-2?