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This system process handles displaying the error screens, such as "An error has occurred, the system needs shutdown". This can also display a register dump for exceptions, and info for fatal errors.(Normally the black-screen errors are displayed on retail, while the latter is displayed on dev units) The register dump/fatal error info can also be written to nandrw/sys/native.log, but this is normally disabled on retail as well.

As of 4.0.0-7 when ErrDisp handles an exception on retail, it will terminate the process which crashed. Home menu will then display an error when the process was terminated, after this the system will restart if the terminated process was an app. If the terminated process was the Internet Browser, then home menu only displays that the system needs restarted without immediately restarting. Home menu displays the same error regardless of what caused the process termination.

ErrDisp error port "err:f"

Command Header Description
0x00010800 ThrowFatalErr