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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x080C00C2]
1 Archive idcode
2 LowPath.Type
3 LowPath.Size
4 (LowPath.Size<<14) | 2
5 LowPath.Data pointer


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Resultcode
2 Archive handle lower word
3 Archive handle upper word

Archive idcodes

Idcode Description
0x00000003 Application RomFS
0x00000004 SaveData
0x00000006 ExtSaveData
0x00000007 Shared ExtSaveData
0x00000008 SystemSaveData
0x00000009 SDMC
0x0000000A ?
0x12345678 ExtSaveData for BOSS
0x12345679 ?
0x1234567D NAND RW
0x1234567E NAND RO
0x1234567F ?
0x2345678A ?
0x2345678E ?
0x567890AB ?
0x567890AC TWL PHOTO
0x567890AD ?
0x567890B1 Gamecard SaveData (for check)
0x567890B2 UserSaveData (for check)

Archive LowPath.Data format

Each archive has a separate LowPath format, some archives' LowPath are unused which are not listed here.

Archive LowPath.Data format
(Shared)ExtSaveData(BOSS) +0 u8 mediatype, +4 u64 ExtdataID
SystemSaveData +0 u8 mediatype, +4 u32 savedataid
UserSaveDataForCheck +0 u8 mediatype, +4 u64 savedataid

SystemSaveData mediatype must always be NAND. UserSaveDataForCheck mediatype must not be NAND.


Type Description
1 SD
2 Gamecard