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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x080C00C2]
1 Archive idcode
2 LowPath.Type
3 LowPath.Size
4 (LowPath.Size<<14) | 2
5 LowPath.Data pointer


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Resultcode
2 Archive handle lower word
3 Archive handle upper word

Archive idcodes

Idcode Description Accessible via FS Accessible via FSPXI Requires binary Lowpath
0x00000003 Application RomFS Yes No No
0x00000004 SaveData Yes No No
0x00000006 ExtSaveData Yes No Yes
0x00000007 Shared ExtSaveData Yes No Yes
0x00000008 SystemSaveData Yes No Yes
0x00000009 SDMC Yes Yes No
0x0000000A SDMC Write-Only Yes No No
0x12345678 ExtSaveData for BOSS Yes No Yes
0x12345679 CARD SPI FS Yes Yes No
0x1234567B ExtSaveData, and ExtSaveData for BOSS No Yes Yes
0x1234567C SystemSaveData No Yes Yes
0x1234567D NAND RW Yes Yes No
0x1234567E NAND RO Yes Yes No
0x1234567F NAND RO Write FS No Yes No
0x2345678A User/GameCard SaveData (for check), and other uses (FS can only mount the latter) (lo hi mediatype reserved) Yes Yes Yes
0x2345678B ? No No Yes
0x2345678C ? No No Yes
0x2345678D ? No No No
0x2345678E SaveData, ExeFS, and RomFS (For fs:LDR, only ExeFS) Yes Yes Yes
0x567890AB NAND CTR FS No Yes No
0x567890AC TWL PHOTO Yes Yes No
0x567890AD ? No Yes No
0x567890AE NAND TWL FS Yes Yes No
0x567890AF NAND W FS Yes Yes No
0x567890B0 ? No Yes No
0x567890B1 Gamecard SaveData (for check) Yes No No
0x567890B2 UserSaveData (for check) Yes No Yes

Archives listed as not requiring a binary lowpath, use lowpath type empty.

Archives CTR NAND, NAND RO Write FS, TWL NAND, NAND W FS, and CARD SPI FS require the corresponding process exheader access control mount flag to be set, in the exheader for any of the currently running ARM11 processes, for FSPXI. The access rights checked by FS module for archive mounting with fs:USER, are stored in the process' exheader accessinfo.