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Renames or moves a file. The file is moved from the path srcFileLowPath in archive srcArchive to destFileLowPath in destArchive. This call does not work with directories, use RenameDirectory instead. (NOTE: Moving files to different archives wasn't tested.)


Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x08050244]
1 Transaction (usually 0)
2 srcArchive.handleLow
3 srcArchive.handleHigh
4 srcFileLowPath.type
5 srcFileLowPath.size
6 destArchive.handleLow
7 destArchive.handleHigh
8 destFileLowPath.type
9 destFileLowPath.size
10 (srcFileLowPath.size << 14) | 0x402
11 srcFileLowPath.data
12 (destFileLowPath.size << 14) | 0x802
13 destFileLowPath.data


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Resultcode


Result code Description
0 Returned on success.
0xC8804478 When the source file does not exist or is a directory.
0xC82044BE When the destination file already exists.