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Filesystem service "fs:USER"

Command Header Available since system version Description Required exheader accessinfo bitmask
0x000100C6 Dummy1 None
0x040100C4 Control None
0x08010002 Initialize None
0x080201C2 OpenFile None
0x08030204 OpenFileDirectly None
0x08040142 DeleteFile None
0x08050244 RenameFile None
0x08060142 DeleteDirectory None
0x08070142 DeleteDirectoryRecursively None
0x08080202 CreateFile None
0x08090182 CreateDirectory None
0x080A0244 RenameDirectory None
0x080B0102 OpenDirectory None
0x080C00C2 OpenArchive Each archive idcode has separate accessinfo bitmasks, if any.
0x080D0144 ControlArchive None
0x080E0080 CloseArchive None
0x080F0180 FormatThisUserSaveData None
0x08100200 CreateSystemSaveData 0x4, for when the input saveID doesn't match the exheader saveID.
0x08110040 DeleteSystemSaveData 0x1004, for when the input saveID doesn't match the exheader saveID.
0x08120080 GetFreeBytes None
0x08130000 GetCardType 0x1017
0x08140000 GetSdmcArchiveResource None
0x08150000 GetNandArchiveResource None
0x08160000 GetSdmcFatfsError 0x2
0x08170000 IsSdmcDetected None
0x08180000 IsSdmcWritable None
0x08190042 GetSdmcCid 0x2
0x081A0042 GetNandCid 0x2
0x081B0000 GetSdmcSpeedInfo 0x2
0x081C0000 GetNandSpeedInfo 0x2
0x081D0042 GetSdmcLog 0x2
0x081E0042 GetNandLog 0x2
0x081F0000 ClearSdmcLog 0x2
0x08200000 ClearNandLog 0x2
0x08210000 CardSlotIsInserted 0x1017
0x08220000 CardSlotPowerOn 0x2
0x08230000 CardSlotPowerOff 0x2
0x08240000 CardSlotGetCardIFPowerStatus 0x2
0x08250040 CardNorDirectCommand 0x2
0x08260080 CardNorDirectCommandWithAddress 0x2
0x08270082 CardNorDirectRead 0x2
0x082800C2 CardNorDirectReadWithAddress 0x2
0x08290082 CardNorDirectWrite 0x2
0x082A00C2 CardNorDirectWriteWithAddress 0x2
0x082B00C2 CardNorDirectRead_4xIO 0x2
0x082C0082 CardNorDirectCpuWriteWithoutVerify 0x2
0x082D0040 CardNorDirectSectorEraseWithoutVerify 0x2
0x082E0040 GetProductInfo 0x1005
0x082F0040 GetProgramLaunchInfo 0x1005
0x08300182 CreateExtSaveData 0xC, for when the input extdataID doesn't match the exheader extdataID.
0x08310180 CreateSharedExtSaveData 0x1005
0x08320102 ReadExtSaveDataIcon 0x100D, for when the input extdataID doesn't match the exheader extdataID.
0x08330082 EnumerateExtSaveData 0x1005
0x08340082 EnumerateSharedExtSaveData 0x1005
0x08350080 DeleteExtSaveData 0x100D, for when the input extdataID doesn't match the exheader extdataID.
0x08360080 DeleteSharedExtSaveData 0x1005
0x08370040 SetCardSpiBaudRate 0x2
0x08380040 SetCardSpiBusMode 0x2
0x08390000 SendInitializeInfoTo9 None
0x083A0100 GetSpecialContentIndex 0x1005
0x083B00C2 GetLegacyRomHeader 0x1015
0x083C00C2 GetLegacyBannerData 0x1015
0x083D0100 CheckAuthorityToAccessExtSaveData 0x44
0x083E00C2 QueryTotalQuotaSize None
0x083F00C0 GetExtDataBlockSize None
0x08400040 AbnegateAccessRight
0x08410000 DeleteSdmcRoot 0x1005
0x08420040 DeleteAllExtSaveDataOnNand 0x1005
0x08430000 InitializeCtrFileSystem None
0x08440000 CreateSeed 0x2
0x084500C2 GetFormatInfo ?
0x08460102 GetLegacyRomHeader2 0x1015
0x08470180 FormatCtrCardUserSaveData 0x6
0x08480042 GetSdmcCtrRootPath 0x100D
0x08490040 GetArchiveResource ?
0x084A0002 ExportIntegrityVerificationSeed 0x4000
0x084B0002 ImportIntegrityVerificationSeed 0x4000
0x084C0242 FormatSaveData 0x6, in some cases this right isn't needed however.
0x084D0102 GetLegacySubBannerData 0x1015
0x084E0342 UpdateSha256Context 0x5
0x084F0102 ReadSpecialFile None
0x08500040 GetSpecialFileSize None
0x08510242 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x08520100 3.0.0-5 Unknown (u32 flags, u64 extdataID) ?
0x08530142 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x0854.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x08550102 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x0856.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x0857.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x08580000 3.0.0-5 GetMovableSedHashedKeyYRandomData ?
0x0859.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x085A.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x085B.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x085C.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x085D.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x085E.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x085F.... 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x08600042 3.0.0-5 ? ?
0x08610042 3.0.0-5 InitializeWithSdkVersion ?
0x08620040 3.0.0-5 SetPriority ?
0x08630000 3.0.0-5 GetPriority ?
0x08640000 3.0.0-5 Stubbed, this returns an error. None
0x08650140 4.0.0-7 Unknown, this is used with Anti Savegame Restore. ?
0x086600C0 4.0.0-7 Unknown, this is used with Anti Savegame Restore. ?
0x086700C4 4.0.0-7 ? ?
0x08680000 4.0.0-7 This loads the u8 mediatype for the current application from already initialized state, this u8 was originally loaded from the same data used by GetProgramLaunchInfo. This then writes the u8 to response-word[2]. This is used with Anti Savegame Restore. None
0x08690000 4.0.0-7 Stubbed, this returns an error. None
0x086A0082 4.0.0-7 This is a wrapper for FSPXI command 0x00550082. None

When access rights are required for a command, at least one of the bits in the process accessinfo specified in the above table for the command must be set. Error 0xD9004676 is returned when a process attempts to use a command which it doesn't have access rights for the command. The exheader accessinfo field is all-zero for most applications.

Each session for fs:USER has separate permissions, initially these are set to all-zero for new fs:USER sessions. The permissions/etc for fs:USER sessions are initialized via FS:Initialize(loaded from the user process exheader).

File service

Command Header Description
0x000100C6 Dummy1
0x040100C4 Control
0x08010100 OpenSubFile
0x080200C2 Read
0x08030102 Write
0x08040000 GetSize
0x08050080 SetSize
0x08060000 GetAttributes
0x08070040 SetAttributes
0x08080000 Close
0x08090000 Flush

Directory service

Command Header Description
0x000100C6 Dummy1
0x040100C4 Control
0x08010042 Read
0x08020000 Close

Filesystem service "fs:LDR"

This service is identical to fs:USER, except FS:OpenArchive archive 0x2345678E can only be accessed with fs:LDR.

ProgramRegistry service "fs:REG"

Command Header Description
0x000100C6 Dummy1
0x040103C0 Register
0x04020040 Unregister
0x040300C0 GetProgramInfo
0x04040100 LoadProgram
0x04050080 UnloadProgram
0x04060080 CheckHostLoadId


See Filesystem_services_PXI.