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User Friend code Region Comment here Mii image
Matyapiro31 4339-2455-6521 Japan Let's hack 3DS! But how? HNI 0019.JPG
Crediar 2535-3625-3742 Europe None
Kazuma 2277-6646-9164 Europe None
SaltyPancakes 0044-2836-4738 Europe None
Inspectah 3909-7495-9525 Europe None
XanLoves 3995-6523-2805 Europe None
muhkuh2005 2449-4689-9707 Europe Germanfag
RHOPKINS13 4854-6450-1577 USA None RHOPKINS13 Mii.JPG
fishuyo 2535-3630-0678 USA None
marcosxd 0216-0901-5448 Mexico Crediar add me please, I already added you :)
Mafril 5112-3460-1421 USA None Mafril Mii.JPG
Epicdude 0130-1922-3022 USA
David 3553-9962-0973 USA Add me
Muzer 3136-6762-5385 Europe I have added everyone on this list who has a valid friend code (David and marcosxd don't) - so please add me if you get the chance. Muzer Mii.jpg
Rikku2000 1461-6425-0347 Germany None
Elisherer 0001-3489-0550 USA None Elisherer Mii.JPG