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This is a list of friend codes of different users.

Remember to watch this article if you wish to get notified when someone modifies the list.

User IrcNick Friend code Region Comment here Mii image
SynRxn 0962-9776-8195 USA Let's pwn the 3DS! SynRxn.JPG
z2442 4554-0595-5890 USA hack the 3ds yes!
Allnewryan1 0001-4540-5587 USA Looking to help the devs, add me and send me a message when you find crashes
Crediar 2535-3625-3742 Europe None
Skyneo Skyneo 1950-8547-6804 Europe (France) Young beginner dev dreaming of making a Nintendo game. My hair is anarchy. SkyneoMii.JPG
Kazuma 2277-6646-9164 Europe None
SaltyPancakes 0044-2836-4738 Europe None
Inspectah 3909-7495-9525 Europe None
XanLoves 3995-6523-2805 Europe None
muhkuh2005 2449-4689-9707 Europe Germanfag
RHOPKINS13 4854-6450-1577 USA None RHOPKINS13 Mii.JPG
fishuyo 2535-3630-0678 USA None
marcosxd 0216-0901-5448 Mexico Crediar add me please, I already added you :)
Mafril 5112-3460-1421 USA None Mafril Mii.JPG
Epicdude 0130-1922-3022 USA None
David 3553-9962-0973 USA Add me
Muzer 3136-6762-5385 Europe I have added everyone on this list who has a valid friend code (David and marcosxd don't) - so please add me if you get the chance. Muzer Mii.jpg
Schumi 1934-1000-7068 Germany (Europe) add and write with me ;)
Rikku2000 EUR: 1461-6425-0347 JPN: 1375-8084-1845 Germany Write me on 3DS Letterbox Rikku2000 Mii.JPG
Elisherer elisherer 0001-3489-0550 USA None Elisherer Mii.JPG
Liam87 2664-2361-9358 England Add me please, i have added everyone on here, thank you
Luishane 1289-8459-2533 Venezuela Add me...thanks
Immortal_no1 0516-7257-0011 UK Add me and PM me on with yours or e-mail me on ""
CrimsonΣ (CrimsonSigma) 5284-1673-1864 Brazil Add me
E-Chan 2062-9187-2394 Spain Add me please~! Im up for online gaming of any sorts and discussing the scene!
Lazymarek9614 1590-4676-4678 Europe Online gaming SSF IV 3D, I try to add everyone here!
FireFly 4554-0352-3499 Europe None
Hikari06 5241-1966-6545 Europe I added everyone, please add me :) HIKARI06MII.jpg
UpSilon_Project 1848-1843-3651 France (Europe) UpSilon from the UpSilon Project
CVosler 4554-0499-6731 USA I added everyone. You can also email me your code after you add me "" Chip.JPG
CHR15x94 0688-5814-3517 Canada (USA) Feel free to add me. I'll add anyone. If you need to contact me, message me on 3DBrew, or through one of my contacts on my 3DBrew profile. CHR15x94 - Mii.JPG
DarkWork0 1075-0737-9684 USA Add me and email me your friends code: I'll add anyone who adds me! HNI 0006.JPG
Aliak11 1160-9718-1643 USA Add me and email me your friends code:
capt.danny 4339:2914:5427 USA Added everyone. Email fcs to
jordan 0473-8413-4597 USA added all.
Stopwatch8 Stopwatch8 2449-4811-6942 USA I have added everyone here. I would be happy if I were added as well! I just like to see what titles everyone plays. :) Stopwatch8.JPG
mr_seeker 3909-7860-3744 EUR Add me, find me, streetpass me!
missou missou 1762-3951-0686 EUR I have added everyone...and everyone can add me! MissouMii.JPG
GuyInDogSuit 4957-2209-2798 USA I have added everyone except David and marcosxd (invalid codes), and everyone can add me in return. GuyInDogSuit.jpg
NintendoFan 2492-4592-1206 USA None
Rllns05 0190-1796-8987 USA Add me, I won't Bite. Rllns05.JPG