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This is a page to browse game title and data. Feel free to write here.

The other way to use this page, is hacking with the data.

Title Serial EUR USA JPN ROM Size FLASH Size FLASH ID FLASH Chip # Get here
Ridge Racer 3D LNA-CTR-ARRP Yes Yes Yes 8GBit 512kByte 0xC22213 25L4001 ?
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars LNA-CTR-ALGP Yes Yes No 4GBit 128kByte 0xC22211 25L1001 ?
Ton Clancy's Ghost Recon:Shadow Wars LNA-CTR-AGRP Yes ? No 2GBit 128kByte 0xC22211 25L1001 ?
Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time 3D LNA-CTR-ARBJ ? Yes Yes ? 128kByte 0xC22211 25L1001 de/en
The Sims 3 LNA-CTR-AS3P Yes ? ? 4GBit 512kByte 0xC22213 25L4001 ?
Super Monkey Ball 3D LNA-CTR-ASMP Yes ? ? 2GBit 128kByte 0xC22211 25L1001 ?
Splinter Cell 3D LNA-CTR-ASCP Yes ? ? ? 128kByte 0xC22211 25L1001 ?
Super Street Fighter IV - 3D Edition LNA-CTR-ASSP Yes ? ? ? 128kByte 0xC22211 25L1001 ?
Pilotwings Resort LNA-CTR-AWAP Yes ? Yes ? ? ? ? ?