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HTTP service "http:C"

Command Header Available since system-version Available from service-sessions Description
0x00010044 1.0.0-0 Initialize
0x00020082 1.0.0-0 Main-only CreateContext
0x00030040 1.0.0-0 All CloseContext
0x00040040 1.0.0-0 CancelConnection
0x00050040 1.0.0-0 GetRequestState
0x00060040 1.0.0-0 GetDownloadSizeState
0x00070040 1.0.0-0 GetRequestError
0x00080042 1.0.0-0 InitializeConnectionSession
0x00090040 1.0.0-0 BeginRequest
0x000A0040 1.0.0-0 BeginRequestAsync
0x000B0082 1.0.0-0 ReceiveData
0x000C0102 1.0.0-0 ReceiveDataTimeout
0x000D0146 1.0.0-0 SetProxy
0x000E0040 1.0.0-0 SetProxyDefault
0x000F00C4 1.0.0-0 SetBasicAuthorization
0x00100080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetSocketBufferSize
0x001100C4 1.0.0-0 AddRequestHeader
0x001200C4 1.0.0-0 AddPostDataAscii
0x001300C4 1.0.0-0 AddPostDataBinary
0x00140082 1.0.0-0 AddPostDataRaw
0x00150080 1.0.0-0 SetPostDataType(u8 enum)
0x001600C4 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataAscii
0x00170144 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataAsciiTimeout
0x001800C4 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataBinary
0x00190144 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataBinaryTimeout
0x001A0082 1.0.0-0 SendPostDataRaw
0x001B0102 1.0.0-0 SendPOSTDataRawTimeout
0x001C0080 1.0.0-0 SetPostDataEncoding
0x001D0040 1.0.0-0 NotifyFinishSendPostData
0x001E00C4 1.0.0-0 GetResponseHeader
0x001F0144 1.0.0-0 GetResponseHeaderTimeout
0x00200082 1.0.0-0 GetResponseData
0x00210102 1.0.0-0 GetResponseDataTimeout
0x00220040 1.0.0-0 GetResponseStatusCode
0x002300C0 1.0.0-0 GetResponseStatusCodeTimeout
0x00240082 1.0.0-0 AddTrustedRootCA
0x00250080 1.0.0-0 AddDefaultCert
0x00260080 1.0.0-0 SelectRootCertChain
0x002700C4 1.0.0-0 SetClientCert
0x00280080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetClientCertDefault
0x00290080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetClientCertContext
0x002A0040 1.0.0-0 All (u32 contexthandle) GetSSLError? This loads a value from state, this doesn't seem to use any sslc command.
0x002B0080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetSSLOpt
0x002C0080 1.0.0-0 Context-only SetSSLClearOpt
0x002D0000 1.0.0-0 Main-only CreateRootCertChain
0x002E0040 1.0.0-0 Main-only DestroyRootCertChain
0x002F0082 1.0.0-0 Main-only RootCertChainAddCert
0x00300080 1.0.0-0 Main-only RootCertChainAddDefaultCert
0x00310080 1.0.0-0 Main-only RootCertChainRemoveCert
0x00320084 1.0.0-0 Main-only OpenClientCertContext
0x00330040 1.0.0-0 Main-only OpenDefaultClientCertContext
0x00340040 1.0.0-0 Main-only CloseClientCertContext
0x00350186 1.0.0-0 Main-only SetDefaultProxy
0x00360000 1.0.0-0 ClearDNSCache
0x00370080 2.0.0-X SetKeepAlive (bool)
0x003800C0 3.0.0-X. SetPostDataTypeSize (u8 enum, u32 size) (similar to SetPostDataType)
0x00390000 3.0.0-X. Finalize
0x003A0080 8.0.0-X
0x003B0082 9.0.0-X
0x003C0080 9.0.0-X
0x003D0080 9.0.0-X
0x003E0000 9.0.0-X
0x003F0040 9.0.0-X
0x00400082 9.0.0-X
0x00410080 9.0.0-X
0x00420080 9.0.0-X

TLS Root CAs

Initially a HTTP context will not trust any root-CAs at all. Which root-CAs to trust must be explicitly specified via the add-root-CA service command(s).

RootCertChains can be used to easily select a particular chain of trusted root-CAs with multiple HTTP contexts, without having to re-send each of the root-CA commands for each HTTP context. The maximum number of RootCertChains that can exist for an user-process, is only 2.

When using the context-specific RootCA commands such as HTTPC:AddTrustedRootCA where HTTPC:SelectRootCertChain was already used, the cert will just be added to the selected RootCertChain.

ClientCert Contexts

These are basically the same as RootCertChains except for TLS client cert+privk. The maximum number of ClientCert-contexts that can exist for an user-process, is only 2.

Error codes

Error code Description
0xd8a0a03c Failed to verify the HTTPS server's TLS certificate.
0xd8a0a046 This is returned by HTTPC:Initialize when no network connection is available(or at least when wifi is disabled via Home Menu on New3DS).
0xd8a0a066 This indicates that the context handle is wrong.
0xd820a069 This is returned when the call times out (with any call with a timeout arg)