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According to iFixit.com (source):

Type Name Datasheet Source
CPU Nintendo 1048 0H 2x ARM11 266 @ 200Mhz N/A N/A
GPU Digital Media Professionals Pica 200 @ 400Mhz N/A [1]
RAM Fujitsu MB82M8080-07L N/A [2]
Storage Toshiba THGBM2G3P1FBAI8 2 GB NAND Flash N/A N/A
??? Texas Instruments PAIC3010B 0AA37DW N/A N/A
Gyroscope Invensense ITG-3270 MEMS Gyroscope [3] --
Accelerometer ST Micro 2048 33DH X1MAQ Accelerometer Model LIS331DH [4] --



CTR Front.jpg

NAND pinout

CTR NAND pinout.png