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This page describes the formats/structure of the data stored in RomFS for Home Menu DLC, for themes.

Control Content

The control content has content-index 0. It's unknown what if any of this is Home Menu specific.

RomFS structure:

  • "MetaDataContentHeader.bin": Unknown, size is 0x44-bytes.
  • "ContentInfoArchive_<region>_<lang>.bin" Contains the list of all DLC content available under this DLC title(which can include DLC that's not yet accessible via the shop). <region> can be "USA", etc. <lang>, for the US title: "en", "es", "fr", and "pt".
  • "icons/<decimal_id>.icn" Contains the raw DLC icon image data, without any header.

ContentInfoArchive entry format, size 0xC8(this file contains the following entry for each of the DLC content):

Relative offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Content index - 1
0x4 0x4 0x0 = disabled, 0x1 = enabled.
0x8 0x40 char string for the title text.
0x48 0x88 char string for the description text.

The first entry is a "header": contentindex val=1, second word = <total DLC content excluding DLC control content>. The two strings are set to dummy text.

Theme Content

RomFS structure:

  • "bgm.bcstm": Background music, see here.
  • "body_LZ.bin": LZ11 compressed blob containing the rest of the theme data(graphics + optional CWAVs).

body_LZ.bin structure

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x4 Version (Must be 1?)
0x4 0x4 ?
0x8 0x4 ?
0xC 0x4 Must be less than 4?
0x10 0x4 Top Screen Frame Count (If 0 then solid color at 0x14, else texture at 0x18)
0x14 0x4 Top Screen Solid Color (RGB8)
0x18 0x4 Top Screen Texture Address (Rgb565 at (320*(Top Screen Frame Count))*240)
0x1C 0x4 ?
0x20 0x4 Bottom Screen Frame Count
0x24 0x4 Bottom Screen Type (0=SolidColor, 2=Rgb565)
0x28 0x4 Bottom Screen Solid Color/Texture Address (Rgb565 at 320x240)

Built-in themes

The built-in themes are stored at Home Menu RomFS:/theme/<Color>_LZ.bin, the format appears to be the same as body_LZ.bin in the theme DLC content.