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| 0x00070000
| 0x00070000
| [[IRU:GetRecvTransferCount|GetRecvTransferCount]]
| 0x00080000
| 0x00080000

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IR Service "ir:u"

Command Header Description
0x00010000 Initialize
0x00020000 Shutdown
0x00030042 StartSendTransfer
0x00040000 WaitSendTransfer
0x000500C2 StartRecvTransfer
0x00060000 WaitRecvTransfer
0x00070000 GetRecvTransferCount
0x00080000 GetSendState
0x00090040 SetBitRate
0x000A0000 GetBitRate
0x000D0000 This returns an event handle.
0x000E0000 This returns an event handle.
0x000F0000 GetTransferState

IR Service "ir:USER"

Command Header Description
0x00010182 Initialize
0x00020000 Shutdown

Only one session to either of these services can be open at a time, thus only one process can use either of these services at once. These services interface with hardware services gpio::IR and i2c::IR. The i2c::IR service is used for sending/receiving data.