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Struct inside the KProcess object. Starts at KProcess+0x1C.

Size : 0x4C bytes (on N3DS)

Offsets above 0x8 are only for N3DS.

Offset Type Description
0x0 KObjectMutex Mutex
0x8 u32[number of cores] TLB entries for process need invalidating on core(i)
0x18 u32 KMemoryBlock count for KProcess
0x1C KLinkedListNode* First KLinkedListNode in list of KMemoryBlocks
0x20 KLinkedListNode* Last KLinkedListNode in list of KMemoryBlocks
0x24 u32 Unknown
0x28 u32 Unknown
0x2C void* Translation table base
0x30 u8 Context ID
0x31 bool Indicates that a global TLB flush is needed
0x32 bool Process is the current running game/app
0x34 u32 Unknown
0x38 void* End of userland memory for process
0x3C void* Linear memory start for process (since 8.0.0-18)
0x40 u32 Unknown (since 8.0.0-18)
0x44 u32 MMU table size
0x48 u32* Pointer to the MMU table in kernel FCRAM vmem