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class KTimeableInterruptEvent extends KSynchronizationInterruptEvent

Size : 0x10 bytes

Abstract class used as base for KThread, KTimer, etc. Instances of these classes are kept track of by the KTimerAndWDTManager.

As of 11.3.0-36, a second virtual method was added to decide whether to remove an object from the list of objects tracked by the KTimerAndWDTManager instance, see changelog.

Offset Type Description
0x0 void ** Pointer to vtable
0x4 KSynchronizationInterruptEvent * Next interrupt event (associated with the current one). The linked list represented by this attribute can contain cycles.

For KThread instances, this is usually a KTimer, and vice-versa

0x8 s64 Desired time point (relative to the CPU power-on) in CPU ticks for KTimerAndWDTManager when it's handling its list of KTimeableInterruptEvent instances