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class KUserBindableInterruptEvent extends KSchedulableInterruptEvent

Size : 0xC bytes

Abstract class which is a base class for KEvent and KSemaphore, to be used with svcBindInterrupt.

Semaphores cannot be bound to level high ("rising edge") active interrupts.

For public interrupts (i.e. anything else than SGI #15 in this case), svcBindInterrupt sets the flag that indicates that the interrupt shall be disabled after each time the interrupt is received.

The second virtual function reenables the interrupt (using the interrupt ID) and signals the object (as synchronization object). In the case of KSemaphore this also increments the semaphore's count.

Offset Type Description
0x0 void ** Pointer to vtable
0x4 KSynchronizationInterruptEvent * Next interrupt event (associated with the current one), usually a KSchedulableInterruptEvent. The linked list represented by this attribute can contain cycles
0x8 s32 Interrupt ID, -1 by default