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(Created page with "=Request= {{IPC/Request}} {{#vardefine:ipc_offset|0}} {{IPC/RequestEntry|Header code [0x00030042]}} {{IPC/RequestEntry|count(???) (was set to 5)}} {{IPC/RequestEntry|count <<...")
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{{IPC/RequestEntry|Header code [0x00030042]}}
{{IPC/RequestEntry|Header code [0x00030042]}}
{{IPC/RequestEntry|count(???) (was set to 5)}}
{{IPC/RequestEntry|size (was set to 5)}}
{{IPC/RequestEntry|count << 4 &#124; 0xC}}
{{IPC/MapPointerW|output data pointer}}
{{IPC/RequestEntry|output data pointer(???)}}

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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x00030042]
1 size (was set to 5)
2 Descriptor for mapping a write-only buffer in the target process
3 output data pointer


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Result code


This function reads hardware information from the MCU:

  • console type
  • PMIC vendor code
  • battery vendor code
  • MGIC version(8) (?)
  • MGIC version(9) (?)