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This is the library applet used to select a Mii. Internally it is called appletEd.

Launching the applet[edit]

appletEd can be launched by calling APT:StartLibraryApplet with AppID 0x402. It expects a pointer to a buffer of 0x104 bytes to be passed as parameter. It does not use other resources, so an invalid handle of value 0 is expected.

After returning from the applet, part of the parameter buffer is filled with the data of any selected Mii and some other related values.

Parameter Buffer[edit]

The applet can be configured to work in a flexible way by setting values in a 0x104 byte long buffer that is passed when launching it.

Index Byte Size Type Name Description
0x000 1 1*u8 Cancel button flag If set to a nonzero value, a Button labeled (B) Cancel is displayed at the bottom of the applet.

This allows to cancel the selection of a Mii.

0x001 1 1*u8 Enable Guest Mii selection flag If set to a nonzero value, 6 predefined Guest Miis can be selected on their own page.
0x002 1 1*u8 Show on top screen flag If set to a nonzero value, the applet is displayed at the top screen instead of the touchscreen.
0x003 5 5*u8 Unknown May be padding to align the following data to a 8-byte boundary.
0x008 128 (0x80) 64*u16 Title This is a UTF16-LE[1]-encoded, zero-terminated string that is displayed at the top of the applet.

If the first character is set to '\x0000' (null-terminator), a default title is displayed.

0x088 4 4*u8 Unknown May be padding.
0x08C 1 1*u8 Show Guest Miis flag If set to a nonzero value, the applet initially shows the page where the Guest Miis are located.

Otherwise, it displays the user-created/-imported Miis after launch.

0x08D 3 3*u8 Unknown May be padding to align the following data to a 8-byte boundary.
0x090 4 1*u32 Initially selected Mii index If set to a value i, the cursor is initially placed on the i+1st Mii in the Mii database.

If Show Guest Miis is set and i is in [0,...,5], the cursor is placed on the i+1st Guest Mii. In any other case a user's personal Mii is selected.

0x094 6 6*u8 Guest Mii whitelist For each nonzero byte in this array, the corresponding Guest Mii is made selectable.

Otherwise they are greyed out and can't be selected.

0x09A 100 (0x64) 100*u8 User Mii whitelist Like the above, only for the Miis found in the system's database.

A Mii's index in this array corresponds to its index in the system database.

0x0FE 2 1*u16 Unknown May be padding to align the following data to a 8-byte boundary.
0x100 4 1*u32 Magic value 0x13DE28CF (little Endian) Without this value, the applet refuses to display any Miis.

Return Buffer[edit]

After selecting a Mii or canceling the operation, appletEd writes 0x84 byte to the parameter buffer it was passed, starting at offset 0.

Index Byte Size Type Name Description
0x00 4 1*u32 Return code Set to 1 if the action was canceled, 0 if a Mii was selected.
0x04 4 1*u32 Guest Mii selected flag Set to 1 if a Guest Mii was selected, 0 if it was a user Mii.
0x08 4 1*u32 Selected Guest Mii index If a Guest Mii was selected, this is set to the value corresponding to its index (i.e. 3 for Guest D).

Set to 0xFFFFFFFF (-1) if a user Mii was selected.

0x0C 92 (0x5c) 1*struct mii Selected Mii data If a Mii was selected, its data is copied here.

The same format as in the system's Mii database is used.

0x68 2 2*u8 Unknown -
0x6a 2 1*u16 Mii data checksum (?) This may be a checksum of the returned Mii data.
0x6c 24 12*u16 Guest Mii name The localized name as a UTF16-LE string of a Guest Mii if one was selected, zeroed otherwise.