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Index Word Description
0 Header code [0x000100C6]
1 Header buffer size
2 Message buffer size
3 Image buffer size, can be zero
4 (HdrSize<<4) | 10
5 Header buffer ptr
6 (MsgSize<<4) | 10
7 Message buffer ptr
8 (ImageSize<<4) | 10
9 Image buffer ptr, can be 0x0

Header structure

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x1 u8 flag: 0 = invalid, 1 = valid ("notification exists" flag).
0x1 0x1 u8 flag: 0 = read, 1 = unread
0x2 0x1 u8 flag: 0 = image data is not JPEG, 1 = image data is JPEG.
0x3 0x1 u8 flag: 0 = non-SpotPass notification, 1 = SpotPass notification.
0x4 0x1 u8 flag: 0 = opted in to this notification, 1 = opted out of this notification
0x5 0x3 unknown
0x8 0x8 u64 programID: notification source (zero for system notifications)
0x10 0x8 unknown
0x18 0x8 u64 jumpParam: specified by source app and later retrieved via APT to identify which notification, if any, it was launched from
0x20 0x8 unknown
0x28 0x8 u64 datetime: milliseconds since January 1, 2000.
0x30 0x40 UTF-16 string for the notification title

This structure is 0x70-bytes.

When NEWSS:GetNotificationHeader is used where the u8 flag at 0x3 is value 1, news-module then uses boss:P command 0x04070080 with the u64 programID at offset 0x8 in this header. When that's successful, NEWSS:GetNotificationHeader copies the output u8, the SpotPass opt-out flag, from that BOSS command to the u8 flag at 0x4. Otherwise, the opt-out flag is 0 for opted in.


This is an UTF-16 string for the notification message text, this buffer includes the null-terminator. The maximum size in bytes is 0x1780.


The MPO data is optional. This is displayed on the top-screen by the notifications applet. The maximum size in bytes is 0x10000.


Index Word Description
0 Header code
1 Resultcode


This adds a notification to the list of notifications, which is displayed by the notifications applet. This is added to the end of the list of notifications.