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| attwifi || 1 || None || USA || AT&T || Yes
| attwifi || 1 || None || USA || AT&T || Yes
| [http://nintendo3dsblog.com/nintendo-of-europe-partners-with-free-hotspot-com free-hotspot.com] || ? || None || EUR || free-hotspot.com || No
| [http://www.free-hotspot.com/ free-hotspot.com] || ? || None || EUR || free-hotspot.com || No
| [http://webapp.7spot.jp/howtoconnect.html 7SPOT] || ? || None || JPN || 7-11 || LAN-only 7-11 hostname used
| [http://webapp.7spot.jp/howtoconnect.html 7SPOT] || ? || None || JPN || 7-11 || LAN-only 7-11 hostname used

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Nintendo Zone is the successor to DS Download Stations, offering retailer exclusive content, game videos, screenshots, etc. This service does not have 3DS demos. USA Best Buy and some other retailers have NZone, this NZone seems to be significantly different from the DS(i) NZone. Most content available at Best Buy is already available on eShop, like the screenshots/videos, game info etc. The OK Go video is available from NZone however. The OOT video on NZone server is the one from eShop launch like most of the other videos, none of the videos are in 3D.

Like DSi, when an open 3DS detects NZone the hidden NZone title appears and a notification about it appears. Like DSi this title is already stored on NAND, it's just not visible until you're in range of NZone.(doesn't disappear with sdcard removed) When NZone beacons are in range, 3DS only detects NZone when not connected to Internet already. Once connected to a NZone AP, the beacon payload is cached until disconnected from the AP.

When modified DSi nzone beacons are broadcasted with the 3DS Best Buy authentication param, launcher won't blink the NZone title icon but the title will still semi-work. NZone title would connect to the server, with buttons for demos, Best Buy, and WFC config displayed, but NZone will display an error a while after selecting "Best Buy" service after a bit of loading.(probably unsupported html tags etc)


The NZone browser interface looks very similar to the main 3DS web browser, so it's probably the same as that browser except modified.(and with video support, presumably mobiclip) The NZone beacon encryption is same as before, except some unknown fields in the cleartext was changed where 3DS will only "detect" NZone /w NZone icon blinking/enabled when the beacons' fields are set this way. DSi will not detect these beacons. 3DS can use DS(i) NZone, but only if the NZone title is already enabled. With DS(i) beacons, 3DS connects to Internet but the NZone icon will not blink. However the NZone title will still work once launched. The Best Buy NZone uses the same authentication parameter at all stores /w NZone. Accessing the server via curl does not work correctly, the server returns old content. This is likely because the NZone title sends new/different params to the server.

Beacon payload format

This seems to be identical to DS(i) NZone format except for the unknown fields, WPA2 isn't supported. 3DS NZone is not region-locked like DS(i).

0x00 32 AP SSID.
0x20 10 Authentication parameter, required for connecting to the server. Server uses this to determine which third-party content to link to on the index page. First ASCII number char in this param is region, this is also used to determine which server to connect to. Regions: 0) JP 1) USA 2/3) EUR 4) KOR 5) China
0x2a 2 This u16 was always one in all dumps, unknown what this is. This isn't used by the client.
0x2c 24 Some UCS-2 retailer ID string can include the country, unknown what this is but it's not used by the client DS(i). "BestBuy"
0x44 32 AP crypto key, if any.
0x64 1 Unknown, not used by the DS(i) client. For 3DS this is 0x1, for DS(i) this is 0x0.
0x65 1 AP crypto key type: 0) Open 1) WEP-64 2) WEP-128 3) WEP-152
0x66 1 Unknown flags, for 3DS this is 0x1e, for DS(i) this is 0x3. Bits 0 and 1 don't seem to be used by the client. The DS(i) client uses bit2 unknown what for though.
0x67 5 Padding.
0x6c 2 Unknown, with 3DS this is zero but for DS(i) this was 0x428.
0x6e 2 CRC16 over the whole payload excluding checksum offset, initval is 0.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

SSID Channel Security Region Source Usable remotely
Wayport_Access ? None USA McDonalds Yes
attwifi 1 None USA AT&T Yes
free-hotspot.com ? None EUR free-hotspot.com No
7SPOT ? None JPN 7-11 LAN-only 7-11 hostname used
TSUTAYA ? None JPN TSUTAYA Only with NZone beacon
  • These can be configured on you own router/laptop/phone to identify as a nintendo zone.
  • You will need an available internet connection to be able to connect to the servers.
  • After connecting the Wi-Fi network, the page displayed will be of the device's region.