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This page documents the format of PSLB.


PSLB are data-interchange files like JSON or XML.


Offset Size Type Description
0x000 4 char[4] Magic Number 'PSLB'
0x004 4 uint32 Unkown
0x008 4 uint32 Unkown
0x00C 4 uint32 Unkown


The data is constructed of 1 byte that represents what type of data follows

Value Type
1 String
2 int32
3 float (4 byte)
4 Byte
5 Map
6 List

The string type is a combination of an uint32 for the length of the string followed by the characters of the string.

For the Map and List after the type a uint32 follows that represents the number of entries in the Map/List.

The keys of the Map are always strings but the values can have any type of the table