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A list of 3DS system and accessory model numbers.

Code Peripheral
CTR-001 (region code) Retail 3DS unit (EUR/JPN/USA/KOR/CHN/TWN)
CTR-001(-01) (region code) Debug 3DS test unit (EUR/USA/JPN/AUS)
CTR-001(-04) (region code) Kiosk 3DS unit (only 'EUR' has been spotted)
CTR-001(-06) Louvre 'Audio Guide' 3DS unit (these units are 'special' debug units)
CTR-002 AR cards pack
CTR-003 Battery pack
CTR-004 3DS stylus
CTR-005 Retail game card
CTR-005(-01) Developer flash card (same shape as a regular CTR-005)
CTR-006 Game box
CTR-006 (EUR) European game box (slightly thicker than a regular CTR-006)
CTR-007 Charging cradle
CTR-008 Developer flash card (is large and clunky and has replaceable save flash)
CTR-009 Circle Pad Pro
CTR-010 3DS stand (bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising)
CTR-012 NFC adapter
SPR-001 (region code) Retail 3DS XL unit (EUR/JPN/USA/KOR/CHN/TWN)
SPR-001(-01) Debug 3DS XL test unit
SPR-004 3DS XL stylus
SPR-009 Circle Pad Pro LL/XL
WAP-002 3DS (XL) AC adapter