Process Services PXI

Process Services PXI "pxi:ps9"Edit

Command Header (Pre 2.0) Command Header (Post 2.0) Available since system version Description
0x000100C6 0x000100C6 1.0.0-0 This crypts a raw message with RSA.
0x00020284 0x00020284 1.0.0-0 SignRsaSha256
0x00030284 0x00030284 1.0.0-0 VerifyRsaSha256
0x00040140 Removed 1.0.0-0, removed with 2.0.0-2 SetAesKey
0x000501C4 0x000401C4 1.0.0-0 EncryptDecryptAes
0x00060284 0x00050284 1.0.0-0 EncryptSignDecryptVerifyAesCcm
0x00070000 0x00060000 1.0.0-0 GetRomId. This reads 0x40-bytes from gamecard command 0xC6 (gamecard-uniqueID), and returns the first 0x10-bytes from that since the rest of the command reply is all 0xFF-bytes.
0x00080000 0x00070000 1.0.0-0 GetRomId2. The first u8 this returns is from GetRomMakerCode, the following 0x10-bytes are from encrypting the 0x10-bytes which GetRomId also returns. This is encrypted with AES-CBC, the regular normal-key and IV set by Process9 for this are loaded from the Process9 .rodata section.
0x00090000 0x00080000 1.0.0-0 GetCTRCardAutoStartupBit
0x000A0000 0x00090000 1.0.0-0 GetRomMakerCode
0x000B0000 0x000A0000 1.0.0-0 GetLocalFriendCodeSeed
0x000C0000 0x000B0000 1.0.0-0 GetDeviceId
0x000D0042 0x000C0042 1.0.0-0 SeedRNG
0x000E0042 0x000D0042 1.0.0-0 GenerateRandomBytes
0x04010084 0x04010084 8.1.0-0_New3DS GenerateAmiiboHMAC. New_3DS-only. cmd[1] = insize, cmd[2] = outsize, cmd[3] = (insize<<8) | 0x4, cmd[4] = inbufptr, cmd[5] = (outsize<<8) | 0x14, and cmd[6] = outbufptr.
0x04020082 0x04020082 8.1.0-0_New3DS GenerateAmiiboKeyData. New_3DS-only. cmd[1] = insize, cmd[2] = u8 flag, cmd[3] = (insize<<8) | 0x4, cmd[4] = inbufptr.
0x04030044 0x04030044 8.1.0-0_New3DS AmiiboEncryptDecrypt. New_3DS-only.
0x04040044 0x04040044 8.1.0-0_New3DS AmiiboEncryptDecryptDev. New_3DS-only.

These RSA commands are an interface for using the RSA engine. The system will hang when it attempts to use a >RSA-2048 RSA bit-size with the RSA engine, since the RSA engine does not support >RSA-2048. These RSA commands have an input field specifying what RSA bit-size to use, but the RSA padding code is hard-coded to use RSA-2048.

The New3DS 0x040X commands(used for Amiibo crypto) were removed with 9.3.0-21, the code for that was moved into NFC-module.

Command 0x04010084Edit

The input buffer size must be <=0x1E0-bytes, and the out buffer size must be >0 and <=0x20-bytes. This calculates a SHA256-HMAC over the input buffer using the current already-generated Amiibo HMAC key(generated_amiibodata+0x20), the output hash is then written to the out buffer.

Command 0x04020082Edit

This is used for Amiibo key generation. 0x30-bytes are generated. The input buffer size must be 0x40-bytes.

The input u8 must be either zero or non-zero, the used value varies depending on what crypto(AES/HMAC) operation is done after the crypto init.

Structure of the input buffer:

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x2 This is the raw Amiibo-write counter u16 from page[4] byte1.
0x2 0xE All-zero.
0x10 0x8 This is the first 8-bytes of the NFC tag serial-number(page0-1).
0x18 0x8 Same 8-bytes as above.
0x20 0x20 This is the plaintext hash from NFC tag page[0x18], which is the hash listed under the page 0x15 section here.

Command 0x04030044Edit

This is used for the actual Amiibo AES crypto, max input buffer size is same as command 0x04010084. AES-CTR is used here. Normal-key = generated_amiibodata+0x0, CTR = generated_amiibodata+0x10(see command 0x04010084 regarding generated_amiibodata).

Command 0x04040044Edit

Similar to 0x04030044, except this is devunit-only with dev-only keys.

RSA ContextEdit

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x100 Modulo
0x100 0x100 Exponent
0x200 0x4 RSA bit-size.
0x204 0x1 Exponent Type. 0 = Short Exponent, 1 = Long Exponent. See notes below.
0x205 0x3 Padding

This context structure is fixed to 0x208-bytes.

Notes on exponents:

  • When the type is a short exponent, the exponent field is used as an u32 field with little endianness.
    • An example use of this type is to load the common public exponent, 0x10001.
  • When a long exponent is set, the exponent field is a buffer of a big endian number instead.