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This page details game asset bytes is used in both Pyramids and Pyramids 2.

TODO: Include Pyramids 2 game asset bytes

Data bytes

Asset Name Pyramids Pyramids 2
Blank 0x00 ??
Sand 0x01 ??
Bullet 0x02 ??
Bullet covered with sand 0x02 ??
Spike Ball 0x04 ??
Block (Plain) 0x05 ??
Block (Bird) 0x06 ??
Block (4-blocks) 0x07 ??
Block (Tools) 0x08 ??
Amulet 0x09 ??
Snake 0x0A ??
Skull (Horizontal) 0x0B ??
Skull (Vertical) 0x0C ??
Fire 0x0D ??
Dog (Facing Up) 0x0E ??
Dog (Facing Left) 0x0F ??
Dog (Facing Right) 0x10 ??
Dog (Facing Down) 0x11 ??
Player 0x12 ??
Exit Door 0x13 ??
Fly 0x14 ??
Fly covered with sand 0x15 ??
Hourglass 0x16 ??
Hourglass covered with sand 0x17 ??
Rockdoor 0x18 ??
Coins (Collectible) 0x19 ??
Coins covered with sand (Collectible) 0x1A ??
Chalice (Collectible) 0x1B ??
Chalice covered with sand (Collectible) 0x1C ??
Bug Chain (Collectible) 0x1D ??
Bug Chain covered with sand 0x1E ??
Pyramid Chain (Collectible) 0x1F ??
Pyramid Chain covered with sand (Collectible) 0x20 ??
Wings (Collectible) 0x21 ??
Wings covered with sand (Collectible) 0x22 ??
Big block top-left (Plain) 0x23 ??
Big Block top-right (Plain) 0x24 ??
Big Block bottom-left (Plain) 0x25 ??
Big Block bottom-right (Plain) 0x26 ??
Big Block top-left (Cat-head) 0x27 ??
Big Block top-right (Cat-head) 0x28 ??
Big Block bottom-left (Cat-head) 0x29 ??
Big Block bottom-right (Cat-head) 0x2A ??
Big Block top-left (Two figures) 0x2B ??
Big Block top-right (Two figures) 0x2C ??
Big Block bottom-left (Two figures) 0x2D ??
Big Block bottom-right (Two figures) 0x2E ??
TNT 0x2F ??
TNT Detonator 0x30 ??
Spikes 0x31 ??
Pillar top 0x32 ??
Pillar 0x33 ??