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Line 240: Line 240:
| 0x57  
| 0x57  
| GetDmaState(DmaState*, Handle)
| GetDmaState(DmaState*, Handle)
| 0x58
| RestartDma(nn::Handle, void *, void  const*, unsigned int, signed char)
| 0x60  
| 0x60  

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Id Description
0x1 ControlMemory
0x2 QueryMemory
0x3 ExitProcess
0x4 GetProcessAffinityMask
0x5 SetProcessAffinityMask
0x6 GetProcessIdealProcessor
0x7 SetProcessIdealProcessor
0x8 CreateThread
0x9 ExitThread
0xA SleepThread
0xB GetThreadPriority
0xC SetThreadPriority
0xD GetThreadAffinityMask
0xE SetThreadAffinityMask
0xF GetThreadIdealProcessor
0x10 SetThreadIdealProcessor
0x11 GetCurrentProcessorNumber
0x12 Run
0x13 CreateMutex
0x14 ReleaseMutex
0x15 CreateSemaphore
0x16 ReleaseSemaphore
0x17 CreateEvent
0x18 SignalEvent
0x19 ClearEvent
0x1A CreateTimer
0x1B SetTimer
0x1C CancelTimer
0x1D ClearTimer
0x1E CreateMemoryBlock
0x1F MapMemoryBlock
0x20 UnmapMemoryBlock
0x21 CreateAddressArbiter
0x22 ArbitrateAddress
0x23 CloseHandle
0x24 WaitSynchronization1
0x25 WaitSynchronization2
0x26 SignalAndWait
0x27 DuplicateHandle
0x28 GetSystemTick
0x29 GetHandleInfo
0x2A GetSystemInfo
0x2B GetProcessInfo
0x2C GetThreadInfo
0x2D ConnectToPort
0x2E SendSyncRequest1
0x2F SendSyncRequest2
0x30 SendSyncRequest3
0x31 SendSyncRequest4
0x32 SendSyncRequest
0x33 OpenProcess
0x34 OpenThread
0x35 GetProcessId
0x36 GetProcessIdOfThread
0x37 GetThreadId
0x38 GetResourceLimit
0x39 GetResourceLimitLimitValues
0x3A GetResourceLimitCurrentValues
0x3B GetThreadContext
0x3C Break(BreakReason)
0x3D OutputDebugString(void const, int)
0x3E ControlPerformanceCounter(unsigned long long, int, unsigned int, unsigned long long)
0x47 CreatePort
0x48 CreateSessionToPort
0x49 CreateSession
0x4A AcceptSession
0x4B ReplyAndReceive1
0x4C ReplyAndReceive2
0x4D ReplyAndReceive3
0x4E ReplyAndReceive4
0x4F ReplyAndReceive
0x50 BindInterrupt(Interrupt, Handle, int, bool)
0x51 UnbindInterrupt(Interrupt, Handle)
0x52 InvalidateProcessDataCache(Handle, void*, unsigned int)
0x53 StoreProcessDataCache(Handle process, void const* addr, unsigned int size)
0x54 FlushProcessDataCache(Handle, void const*, unsigned int)
0x55 StartInterProcessDma(Handle* out, Handle dstProcess, void* dst, Handle srcProcess, const void* src, size_t size, const DmaConfig& config )
0x56 StopDma(Handle)
0x57 GetDmaState(DmaState*, Handle)
0x58 RestartDma(nn::Handle, void *, void const*, unsigned int, signed char)
0x60 DebugActiveProcess(Handle*, unsigned int)
0x61 BreakDebugProcess(Handle)
0x62 TerminateDebugProcess(Handle)
0x63 GetProcessDebugEvent(DebugEventInfo*, Handle)
0x64 ContinueDebugEvent(Handle, unsigned int)
0x65 GetProcessList(int*, unsigned int*, int)
0x66 GetThreadList(int*, unsigned int*, int, Handle)
0x67 GetDebugThreadContext(ThreadContext*, Handle, unsigned int, unsigned int)
0x68 SetDebugThreadContext(Handle, unsigned int, ThreadContext const&, unsigned int)
0x69 QueryDebugProcessMemory(MemoryInfo*, PageInfo*, Handle, unsigned int)
0x6a ReadProcessMemory(void*, Handle, unsigned int, unsigned int)
0x6b WriteProcessMemory(Handle, void const*, unsigned int, unsigned int)
0x6c SetHardwareBreakPoint(int, unsigned int, unsigned int)
0x6d GetDebugThreadParam(long long *, int *, nn::Handle, unsigned int, nn::dmnt::DebugThreadParam)