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== BDRI ==
Information stored about titles in these Title Database files are stored in two parts in This is a BDRI partitionvariant of [[Inner FAT|FAT filesystem]]. Firstly in a Title Entry Table, It consists one "root" directory and secondly in a Title Info Tablemultiple "files". Each "file" is one title info entry described below.
{| class="wikitable"|-! Start! Length! Description|-| 0x0| 4| Database Magic ("BDRI")|-| 0x4| 4| File Format Version (0x30000)|-| 0x8| 8| Unknown|-| 0x10| 8| File Size (including pre header), in blocks (see next field)|-| 0x18| 4| Block Size (Usually 0x80; 0x200 for ticket.db)|-| 0x1C| 4| Reserved|-| 0x20| 0x20| Unknown/Constant|-| 0x40| 0x18| Unknown|-| 0x58| 8| Relative = Title Info Entry Table Offset|-| 0x60| 0x20| Unknown|}==
== Title Entry Table == This An entry contains 'Entries' for all the titles stored in the database. However this just appears to be an indexing table, the majority of title information is kept in a Title Info Table, which these index entries point to. Title Entries start immediately after the Title Entry Table Header. And there is no padding between entries. === Header === {| class="wikitable"|-! Start! Length! Description|-| 0x0| 4| Unknown/Magic? (usually = 0x2)|-| 0x4| 4| Unknown/Magic? (usually = 0x3)|-| 0x8| 0x24| Reserved|-| 0x2C| 4| Number of used Title Entries|-| 0x30| X - 0x30| Alignment padding for X = BDRI Block Size|-| X| 4| MAX Number of Title Entries|-| X + 0x04| 4| Unknown|-| X + 0x08| 0x20| Reserved|} === Title Entry Format === The entries are 0x2C bytes long. {| class="wikitable"|-! Start! Length! Description! ticket.db only|-| 0x0| 4| Unknown| Unknown (0)|-| 0x4| 4| Active Flag. If this isn't = 0x1, then this entry slot is unused| same|-| 0x8| 0x8| Title ID| same|-| 0x10| 4| Title Entry Index| same|-| 0x14| 4| Relative Title Info Offset, in blocks (see next field)| Unknown|-| 0x18| 0x4| Block Size (Usually 0x80; 0x200 for ticket.db)| Relative Title Info Offset, in BDRI blocks|-| 0x1c| 4| Reserved| Title Info size, in bytes|-| 0x20| 4| Unknown, occasionally this value is the title's "Title ID lower" | Unknown (0)|-| 0x24| 0x4| Unknown| same|-| 0x28| 0x4| Unknown| same|} * The actual Title Info offset is calculated by the following: Offset of BDRI Header + Relative Offset of Title Entry Table + Relative Title Info Offset == Title Info Table == These consist of 0x80 byte long entries, pointed to by the title index entries. They contain information taken from both the application NCCH file(s) and TMD.
{| class="wikitable"