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=== Partitions ===
There can be multiple partitions on the chip. For some games one is a backup partition, some other games seem to use only one partition, yet other games actually use multiple partitions. Partitions are defined at the start of the de-wearleveled blob. At offset 0x200 into the image, the DIFI blobs start. These 0x130 large blobs describe the partitions. Every DIFI blob describes a partition. In order to find the partitions, you will need the uint32_t at 0x9C into the DIFI blob, and the uint32_t at 0xA4. The uint32_t at 0x9C describes the length of the hash table at the start of the partition, the uint32_t at 0xA4 is the length of the filesystem. Partitions are catted together, so the end of one partition is the beginning of the next. The first partition starts at 0x2000. The hashtable at the start of the partitions describe each in-use block in the partition with a SHA256 of the 0x1000 sized block.
=== Filesystem ===