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* The file id/index for the current entry is related to it's position in the File Table, much like the folder entries in the Folder Table. The file table is accessed like an array of 0x30 byte chunks, with the header consuming index = 0, and the subsequent file entries following. The relationship between the index value of the file entry, and the actual file name of the extdata image that contains it it = index+1. For instance icon (the only file in every extdata), comes right after the header, with an index value of '1', and the icon is stored in extdata image '00000002'.
* The Unique Extdata ID, is the same value found in the DIFF header of the referenced extdata image for that file. The value changes most times the file in question is modified. When mounting an extdata image in the VSXE filesystem, if the file's extdata image doesn't have the expected Unique Extdata ID, it won't be mounted.
==== VSXE Filesystem structure ====