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Frankly I don't think it was AES. I think it's using RSA for encryption. Besides it already used it once for the 2048-bit signature as you said. Wouldn't it make way more sense to also use it for the encryption scheme. [[User:Jl12|Jl12]]
: Lol. --[[User:Neimod|Neimod]] 16:06, 20 June 2011 (CEST)
: And whatWhat's funny? So I guess it's just based purely on speculation? You should say so. That way nobody believes something that isn't right. [[User:Jl12|Jl12]] 22:28, 20 June 2011 (CEST)
- CCI files are 'CTR card images', which are burned to ROM. If the application is ran from NAND then a CXI file is generated instead. CIA files are installed to NAND after they are imported or loaded from a external source first ( the SD card ). CXI are required to make a CIA file.[[User:Jl12|Jl12]] I want you moved this comment to write express about key words when you change the filetypes page... I can understand what you say,but someone visit this wiki first will probably give up,I think...[[User_talk:Matyapiro|Matyapiro]] - What?  - CXI == ran from NAND.  - CCI == cart/ROM format.  - CIA == imported from an external source. *Then* executed from NAND. "external source" is either an SD card or (official) debugging hardware. I'm just explaining there are many analogues to the CXI format and they're all similar to each other but compiled/linked for different purposes mostly. (It isnwhere it't a comprehensive list, either. )s more appropriate