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This is system title pre-installed on all 3DS units since launch. The application is centered around using StreetPass to "meet" other 3DS owners, by walking near them and exchanging Mii/user data (this is done automatically through StreetPass). When a 3DS has "met" another 3DS, StreetPass Mii Plaza recreates the meeting using the owner's Miis. From here the user, can use these Miis in mini-games.

Major Iterations

Launch Version

  • Users could decorate their Mii with a Hat, these are earned in StreetPass Quest.

Contained two mini-games:

  • Puzzle Swap - The user completes various puzzles slates to complete interactive 3D Images. Pieces for the puzzles can be obtained from Miis met in StreetPass, or by purchasing them with play coins.
  • StreetPass Quest(Find Mii) - A simplistic medieval themed RPG where the user's Mii is kidnapped, and the user must use Miis met in StreetPass, to rescue him/her. Additionally wanderers can be hired to fight, paid for with play coins of course.

Late 2011

  • "Achievements" were added, accessible from the main hub.
  • Completed Puzzle Swap Slides were viewable in a slideshow, again accessible from the hub
  • More Puzzle slates for Puzzle Swap could be added via SpotPass. The new puzzle slates have puzzle pieces (pink) which cannot be bought with play coins.
  • A sequel to StreetPass Quest was added. In the sequel, users could hire (using play coins) previously met Miis to fight. More hats can be earned.
  • Music used in StreetPass Mii Plaza, can be played manually via the music player accessible from the main hub.

6.0.0-12 Update =

  • Design Revamped main hub is now separate from the mini-games. On the lower screen the Main hub, and the mini-games are accessible like icons on the home menu. When the user leaves the main hub, their mii arrives at a street, where they can navigate the various mini-games or go back to the main hub.
  • Supports SD "Patch Updates", so StreetPass Mii Plaza can be updated without a system update
  • Also supports "DLC", 4 extra mini-games are available through micro-transactions made from within the app.
  • StreetPass Quest 1, now supports the ability to hire previously met Miis.
  • Many more hats can be collected through various means. And collected hats can be exchanged.