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(added some info got by a Russian guy who mailed me)
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I've got an email from one of the persons who also tried spoofing Video servers and he made some interesting points:

  • last number in the path sometimes differs, for example, his 3DS requests /1/COUNTRYCODE/10 instead of /1/COUTRYCODE/1, no matter which country I set in my console's settings
    • this person's 3DS has Russian set as the default language, so the last number might indicate console's language
  • each coutnry's videos seem to be encrypted with a special country-specific key, because same videos (i.e. the ones that look the same when are played in Video app) downloaded from different regions have different files
  • even though the videos seem to be encrypted with a country-specific key, you can put videos from any region in any other region folder (i.e., you can download /1/77/1/ESP_MD1 from the real server and put it in /1/110/1/ on your spoofed server, and the 3DS will still play)
  • files contain information about where they're located on the screen, i.e. if you rename ESP_MD2 to ESP_MD1, it will still be shown in the top-right corner after it's downloaded

--Popoffka 06:44, 20 July 2011 (CEST)