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These are titles which provide downloadable content to a specific title. The reason why these titles can only be purchased in game, is because all DLC content is under a set of title(s), downloading via the eShop would download all DLC content. And because all DLC content is under a set of title(s), they are viewed as one(?) title in system settings, and individual DLC can only be deleted from within the game which uses the DLC.

The titleID-low for DLC is: ((uniqueID<<8) | DLC_title_index). DLC_title_index starts at zero. Each DLC item is grouped under a DLC_title_index. Usually an application only has one DLC_title_index, but for applications which have a *lot* of DLC there's more than one DLC_title_index(JPN Home Menu for themes for example).


TitleID Low Region Description Versions
00008800 JPN New 3DS Internet Browser DLC, used for disabling the web filter. v0
0015D800 USA IronFall Invasion [DLC] Unknown
00022800 EUR StreetPass Mii Plaza [DLC] v5
00068300 ? ? v0, v256
00072000 ? ? v0, v128
00072A00 ? ? v0
00078200 ? ? v0, v64
0007AD00 JPN New SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 [DLC] v16, v48
0007AE00 USA New SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 [DLC] v16, v48
0007AF00 EUR New SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 [DLC] v0, v48
00084F00 ? ? v0, v80
0008CC00 ? ? v0, v16
00090E00 ? ? v0
00091600 ? ? v0, v16
00095100 ? ? v0, v16
00095700 ? ? v0, v96
00095800 ? ? v0, v32, v48
0009AB00 ? ? v0
0009AC00 ? ? v0
0009AD00 ? ? v0
0009AE00 ? ? v0
000A4D00 ? ? v0