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These are the same as the application's main CXI, except the ExeFS/RomFS only contains files which were updated. When launching an application, NS will first try to launch the specified title with the programID-high changed to 0x0004000E(update-data), if that fails NS will then try launching the title with the actual input programID. The programID stored in the update-data NCCH header matches the update-data NCCH titleID, however the programID stored in the exheader is set to the original application programID instead.


TitleID Low Region Description Versions
00022800 EUR StreetPass Mii Plaza [Update Data] v3 (v6160)
00030600 JPN Mario Kart 7 [Update Data] v1.1 (v1040)
00030700 EUR Mario Kart 7 [Update Data] v1.1 (v1040)
00030800 USA Mario Kart 7 [Update Data] v1.1 (v1040)
00032100 JPN New Love Plus [Update Data] v1024, v2048
0004EE00 ? ? v1024
00056C00 JPN Flipnote Studio 3D v5120
00072A00 ? ? v1040
00078500 ? ? v1024, v3072
0007A000 ? ? v1024