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Hi it's me. Hello :)
I have a [http://gbatemp.net/topic/327858-3ds-development-hardware/ 3DS Test Unit], which is capable of installing 3DS/DSi applications compiled in the .[[CIA]] format from an SD card. So while a way to install applications you create yourself, for normal 3DSs is not possible (i.e. homebrew for 3DS is not yet possible), I am willing to test them for you. I am also in contact with two other people which I may be able to forward .CIAs to for testing if my Test Unit is incompatible with the .CIA. See bottom of page for .CIA testing submission.
== Submitting a .CIA for testing ==
Make sure you include:
*What the application is supposed to do, and anything you would like me to look out for (outside the actual running of the application)
*What you would like me to record. i.e. screenshots, values returned, etc
*Whether or not I can share the .CIA with other people publicly, privately or at all
*The SDK version and revision the application is built with.
Then once you have all that done send the email to '''devguy@hotmail.com.au'''
Please note that all .CIAs sent are not installed blindly, each have their title IDs checked to confirm that they will not overwrite/damage any irreplaceable/critical titles.

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