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Hi it's me. Hello :)

I have a 3DS Test Unit, which is capable of installing 3DS/DSi applications compiled in the .CIA format from an SD card. So while a way to install applications you create yourself, for normal 3DSs is not possible (i.e. homebrew for 3DS is not yet possible), I am willing to test them for you. I am also in contact with two other people which I may be able to forward .CIAs to for testing if my Test Unit is incompatible with the .CIA. See bottom of page for .CIA testing submission.


Submitting a .CIA for testing

Make sure you include:

  • What the application is supposed to do, and anything you would like me to look out for (outside the actual running of the application)
  • What you would like me to record. i.e. screenshots, values returned, etc
  • Whether or not I can share the .CIA with other people publicly, privately or at all
  • The SDK version and revision the application is built with.

Then once you have all that done send the email to

Please note that all .CIAs sent are not installed blindly, each have their title IDs checked to confirm that they will not overwrite/damage any irreplaceable/critical titles.