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Luigi2us (also known as Luigi__)

I usually like coding in regards to emulation. I started by attempting to write plugins for PCSX2, my first successful attempt being MegaPad (although the code was originally terrible).

I also made a joypad plugin for iDeaS (DsPad), but got sick of making plugins for iDeaS. The plugin SDK is just awful. Very little documentation, no comments as to what each function/interface does, and even the names of the functions' parameters are lacking, so I can't even try to guess what they are supposed to be.

Other interesting plugins I made, are a mod of the USBqemu plugin for Buzz (would support those buzzers), and MegaDev9, which emulates a HDD.

I worked on DeSmuME, originally separately. During a time where DeSmuME was getting low activity and even assumed to be dead, I was releasing 'DeSmuME mods'. But only fixing little stuff so far. I really began to go good things when I joined the official team. I coded in several parts of DeSmuME, but the one where I worked the most is the wifi. That wifi is a real bitch to get working, because the device is proprietary and GBAtek's documentation on it is incomplete.

I also happened to work for Dolphin. Mostly on the DSP HLE plugin, aside from USB keyboard support and misc stuff. Collective effort got decent sound in Zelda/SMG games quickly enough.

And, what else to say? Not much actually. I perhaps happened to mess with outdated DS emulators out of boredom... but nothing of that is worth mentioning.

Right now, seems like I'm getting interest into the 3DS scene. Good thing that my real life is getting less busy, so that I should be able to watch the scene grow. I sure hope that will happen without too much trouble from Nintendo, after I saw how Sony is getting butthurt over hackers messing with the PS3. But I don't think Nintendo is as bad as Sony on that aspect of things. For one, I'm pretty damn sure that the 3DS flashcart bricking will never happen. Nintendo's just doing that to scare kids away from using flashcarts (and if they really do it, they can get sued for it). And we sure know it, they love to warn their users about whatever.

I'm also wondering about the feasibility of a 3DS emulator. Getting documentations about its ARM11 CPUs shouldn't be hard, at worst the ARM9 docs that have been used for DS emulators, can be reused... however, it's going to be different with the PICA200. DMP's keeping the docs secret... and anyway, before thinking about 3DS emulators, we should first get to decrypt those ROMs.

Also, I like all that shitload of fake crap related to 3DS hacking/emulation. There are lots of sites that are phony, you can tell from their search boxes that do nothing, and they link to nothing but ads and other phony sites, forming a whole network that gets among the first results in Google searches. There are also fake 3DS emulators floating around. Most of them are password-locked archives and getting the password involves filling surveys that are stupid ads or paying. However, I managed to get NO$3DS on my HDD. The files have a password but it is given to you for free. No viruses inside. Just NO$GBA 2.6a, NDS BIOS/firmware files, and an useless PKUNZIP.exe. Total fake, and illegal. I tried reporting the file to the upload site it's on, but those dumbasses want me to be a Nintendo lawyer. Well I don't care if they get taken down like Megaupload.