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Thanks,3dsguy. How did you get it? Matyapiro31

As much as I'd like to say, I can't tell you where i got it. But i'm trying to post info as much about Dev 3DS as possible

Does your development 3DS appear to be same hardware as ordinary one? --Matyapiro31 16:10, 18 October 2011 (CEST)

Yes, Matyapiro31, it seems to be that way, i was surprised when i got it, that it did not have parts of the case in red like a panda dev unit, but it had the sticker on the back saying it was a "Development Unit". Also the FCC id does not differ between my Development Unit and a Retail Unit. This probably explains why in the Config menu, the "System Mode" (which I believe is memory allowance) is stuck on "Prod". For some reason Prod mode is 64mb. Why do you ask?

Hi 3dsguy, maybe you have something like a kiosk "demo unit" used at stores (like GameStop, etc.).

  • Do you have a retail 3DS unit? I'm curious if your test unit will communicate with a retail 3DS unit. ( downloadplay, street-pass, etc. )
  • Does it connect to (production) nusd update servers for any updates?
  • Do you have any other software or hardware with it? ( firmware updates? rewritable CTR cards? etc. )
  • Can you get more of them however/wherever you received yours from?
  • Would you be willing to run pre-compiled apps imported through your dev menu on your test unit? [and if so do you have an email to send them to]
  • Would you be willing to lend or rent your unit out? I'm pretty sure you won't but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

- Jl12